When should you consider a new treatment plan in the later stages of MS?

Kathy Reagan Young

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader

Patient Leader, Kathy Young, shares her advice on how to decide when it's time to consider a new treatment plan in the later stages of multiple sclerosis.

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Kathy: Hi, I'm Kathy Reagan Young, multiple sclerosis Patient Leader. I'm responding to the question: how do you decide when it's time to consider a new treatment plan in the later stages of MS. When I've considered changing treatment plans it's been for a couple of  different reasons. Either there were new or enhancing lesions found on MRI, or if I was experiencing side-effects from my existing treatment plan.


In that case, I did my own research and then I went to see my neurologist. We discussed it, and in the end I said, "If I were your wife, which treatment plan would you put me on?" The one he suggested is the one I chose.


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